Cornish Milk Biostrip

Cornish Milk Biostrip

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BIOSTRIP (TM) is the perfect eco-stripper for upcycling enthusiasts, as well as professional users.

•100% Water based •Non-Irritant •Non-Flammable •No VOC's •Non-Toxic •Non-Caustic •100% Chemical Free •Vegan formula.

BIOSTRIP (TM) formula will thicken, causing no drips or runs, even on vertical surfaces. Suitable for use indoors and in small confined spaces. Suitable for people to use with respiratory health problems such as asthma.

BIOSTRIP (TM) will remove all water based coatings, varnishes, primers, wax and oil based paints.

Suitable Surfaces include: All wood types, stone, brick, concrete, plastered surfaces and plastics. Our 500ml bags will cover upto 3 meters squared of surface.


1) Apply Cornish Milk's BIOSTRIP (TM) generously onto your desired area and leave until the previous paint/topcoats have blistered or softened. 

2) Once softened, remove by scrapping away and using warm water to wash your area clean.. It's as simple as that! 

The time to soften/blister the topcoat's depends on the previous topcoat type and thickness, but usually our formula starts to work within 20 minutes. For higher painted areas you should leave BIOSTRIP (TM) on for up to an hour for maximum effect.